Pioneering Baryte Solutions Since the 1950s

  • IBC Limited was the first company to commence white barytes mining operations, extracting off-white and white barytes from vein-type deposits in the 1950's
  • We were the pioneers in grey barytes mining at the Mangampet deposit, which was discovered by our founder Shri Kandula Obul Reddy, Ex-Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha/Lower House) during the 1960's
  • IBC Limited spearheaded grey barytes exports from India to the United States, Middle Eastern, and Asian markets beginning in the 1960's
  • We established the first grey barytes pulverizing mills in 1970's, initially supplying the Indian market and subsequently expanding to international markets
  • IBC Limited was the first to establish a barium chemicals plant in th 1980's, utilizing grey barytes from Mangampet as the raw material
  • We pioneered the establishment of a fully integrated, state-of-the-art barytes beneficiation plant in 2015
  • IBC Limited was the first to produce precipitated barium sulphate using Mangampet grey barytes
  • We pioneered the concept of clubbed/combined shipping, allowing barytes lumps and bags to be shipped together in the same hatches of bulk vessels
  • IBC Limited was the first to supply black ash (derived from beneficiated barytes powder) to the barium chemical industries

Robust Experience Spanning Over 70 Years

  • The promoters of IBC Limited have been actively involved in baryte mine ownership and operations since the 1950s
  • We possess over 70 years of experience in baryte mining, processing, exports, and the manufacture of allied chemicals.
  • With our extensive experience, IBC Limited is the most reliable company to partner with in this domain
  • IBC Limited pioneered the establishment of the baryte beneficiation plant, a joint venture with APMDC, employing advanced mineral processing techniques
  • We are the only private sector company in India with its own baryte mines for both grey and white barytes

Strategies Deployed to Meet Customer Needs

  • IBC Limited understands the global demand for baryte and has demonstrated over the decades that it can be a trustworthy baryte supplier
  • Our company upholds the highest ethical standards and has earned the trust of customers worldwide
  • We have handled substantial baryte quantities and shipments year after year, continually enhancing our teams and processes to ensure seamless operations
  • Situated in Chennai, India, one of the most respected cities for its skilled and intellectual talent, IBC Limited ensures smooth collaboration with customers from diverse countries and cultures.
  • Our beneficiation plant has ensured that baryte buyers have a unique source that can consistently produce baryte of the highest possible purity, a capability unmatched by any other mine worldwide.
  • Our proprietary baryte sources have enabled us to meet customer needs even when major alternative baryte sources experienced interruptions in production or supply.