Why IBC Limited

Pioneering Baryte Solutions Since the 1950s

  • IBC Limited was the first company to commence white barytes mining operations, extracting off-white and white barytes from vein-type deposits in the 1950's
  • We were the pioneers in grey barytes mining at the Mangampet deposit,

Robust Experience Spanning Over 70 Years

  • The promoters of IBC Limited have been actively involved in baryte mine ownership and operations since the 1950s
  • We possess over 70 years of experience in baryte mining, processing, exports, and the manufacture of allied chemicals.

Strategies Deployed to Meet Customer Needs

  • IBC Limited understands the global demand for baryte and has demonstrated over the decades that it can be a trustworthy baryte supplier
  • Our company upholds the highest ethical standards and has earned the trust of customers worldwide


IBC Limited (formerly known as Indian Barytes and Chemicals Limited) has been a pioneering force in the barytes mining, processing, and export industry since the 1950s. Incorporated in 1985, our company's core business encompasses the mining, processing and trading of barytes (barium sulphate, BaSO4) ore and barytes powder.

Promoted by Sri Kandula Obul Reddy, a esteemed Parliamentarian and a mine owner with over seven decades of experience, IBC Limited takes pride in being the founder of the internationally renowned Mangampet Grey Barytes deposit in Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh. Today, the IBC group stands as the premier producer of barytes powder, extensively utilized in the oil and gas exploration and drilling industry.

From humble beginnings, IBC Limited has achieved remarkable growth in size and stature, establishing itself as the predominant provider of a comprehensive range of mineral products and chemicals for the oil and gas exploration industry, both in India and the global marketplace.

Our company's journey exemplifies a commitment to excellence, leveraging Sri Kandula Obul Reddy's visionary leadership and the group's extensive expertise in the mining sector. Through continuous innovation and a customer-centric approach, IBC Limited has solidified its position as a trusted partner for organizations worldwide, delivering high-quality barytes and allied products to support their exploration and drilling operations.

(An ISO 9000:2008 Company)

Barite Products

Barite Lumps

Barite Lumps Grade 4.20SG
IBC sources 4.20 SG graded Barite Lumps The purity can be expected with a minimum of 90% BaSo4 concentration having a specific gravity of minimum 4.20g/ml.

Barite Powder

Barite Powder Grade 4.20SG
IBC sources 4.20 SG graded Barite under API 13A 19th Edition Section 7. The purity can be expected with a minimum of 90% BaSo4 concentration having a specific gravity of minimum 4.20g/ml.